Tennis elbow, otherwise known as lateral epicondylitis, is pain or discomfort around the bony outer part of the elbow. The name Tennis elbow comes from the fact that this kind of pain is common in tennis players. Usually, the pain and discomfort are caused by inflammation around the elbow bone due to repetitive forearm movement activities such as playing racket sports, hammering, handing screwdrivers manually, typing, tailoring and plumbing are examples of activities that require repeated forearm movements and may put a strain on the elbow joint. Other causes include condition can be reduced strength or tightness in muscles around the elbow joint or poor technique of use of devices in the above-mentioned activities.

The manifestations include excessive pinpoint pain and tenderness at the lateral epicondyle, difficulty and pain in the forearm during gripping or lifting activities. In some cases, there can be associated neck stiffness. The movements at the elbow are usually not restricted unless the tightness of the primers is involved. The symptoms can last from a few days to a few months depending on the cause.

A physiotherapist can help diagnose Tennis elbow through manual muscle testing, joint range of motion and a set of other special tests. Once diagnosed, a physiotherapist can provide rehabilitative strategies including cryotherapy, taping, shockwave therapy, Dry needling, joint and soft tissue mobilization and customized bracing and straps. The physiotherapist can also help improve the strength, flexibility of the affected elbow through conditioning exercises. Proper physiotherapeutic treatment and care will help prevent the chances of recurrence and will allow you to return to your activities pain-free.

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