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Naturopathic Medicine – The Blending of Modern and Traditional Medicine

Naturopathic medicine is an effective, safe, and holistic approach to medicine that includes the blending of modern treatments with traditional ones, dating back to the 1800s. The focuses of Naturopathic medicine are not only directed at treating the physical symptoms of the patient, but managing and upkeeping the overall well-being of them as well. The practice of Naturopathic medicines has led to a cascade of many other therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy, homeopathy, nutritional advice, and more.

How Does it Work?

The creation of the medicinal form is based upon concepts such as:

Healing Power of Nature (Mediatrix Naturae)

This section is about the body’s natural ability being used to combat and heal existing disorders, symptoms, and illnesses. The strategies are with respect to the body’s own natural makeup, and as such, each approach will be uniquely made. As a Naturopathic physician, they act to identify and remove the hurdles you may deal with, on your journey to healing and recovery, and as well to help properly employ this inherent self-healing process.

Identify & Treat the Cause (Tolle Causam)

Palliative management is done as part of this section, but the root cause is identified and eliminated via a holistic methodology. The physician seeks to treat the problem at the roots, in order to effectively deal with the issue as a whole.

Treat the Whole Person (Tolle Totum)

Treating the illness is a primary concern, but the physical, mental, spiritual, and overall well-being of the person is also addressed. This is a holistic-based idea, the belief in “treat the patient, not the disease.” This addresses external factors of a patient, such as the nutritional status, lifestyle and daily activities, history of the family, physical, mental/emotional status, genetics, environmental and social factors in a person’s life.

About our Naturopathic Physicians

Our trained naturopathic physicians will assess and examine your history, present concerns, stress levels, and even the smallest of details related to your illness. A Naturopathic Physician will craft a specialized health plan, based on each individual’s unique needs. Our Naturopathic Physicians will also educate and assist you while you’re on your way to achieving a healthier state.

What can Naturopathic Medicine help you with?

Naturopathic medicine is able to treat all kinds of health concerns for all ages from acute to chronic and physical to psychological. More and more studies are coming forward, and supporting the therapies used Naturopathic Physicians. The public has also had a large and growing desire for greater choice and increased access to more natural approaches to health care. Naturopathic medicine is meeting these demands, as well as the health needs of a steadily increasing number of Canadians.

A few of the many conditions that Naturopathic Medicine can assist you with include:

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