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Rotator Cuff Dysfunction

Suffering from a Rotator Cuff Injury can be challenging and Alleviate Physiotherapy specializes in shoulder joint rehabilitation. Come to our newly opened location at Mississauga or Clarkson or our flagship wellness center at Etobicoke for a quick consultation by our expert physiotherapists

What is Rotator Cuff Dysfunction?

Rotator cuff dysfunction refers to a group of conditions affecting the rotator cuff muscles and tendons in the shoulder.Symptoms range from mild irritation to a tear in the rotator cuff, leading to pain, weakness and instability in the shoulder joint. Symptoms include pain with overhead movements, difficulty lifting objects, and a dull ache in the shoulder. Physiotherapists and Chiropractors are one of the preferred rehabilitation options for all shoulder related injuries, including rotator cuff dysfunction.  

Finding it difficult to find the ideal physiotherapy clinic near you? Look no further, we have created a checklist specifically to help you find the optimal solution for your healthcare and rehabilitation needs. 

What are the effects and symptoms of Rotator Cuff Dysfunction? 

The effects and symptoms of rotator cuff dysfunction can include the following:

If you have any persistent symptoms, it's recommended to see a physiotherapist near you for proper diagnosis and rehabilitation. 

How can Physiotherapy help in Rotator Cuff Dysfunction? 

Physiotherapy can play a significant role in managing rotator cuff dysfunction. A physiotherapist can design an individualized treatment plan after doing a detail examination, following our 3 step signature step- assess, alleviate and achieve-  

Treatment techniques used following the examination are as below:

Physiotherapists or chiropractors are primary health care providers and the first line of conservative approach in effective treatment for shoulder problems, helping to relieve pain, improve mobility and prevent re-injury. We at Alleviate Physiotherapy provide our clients with guided in-house exercises and treatment plans that are tailor made for each client. Physiotherapy or Chiropractor services for us is a multidisciplinary approach that includes education, manual therapy, modalities, and exercises to help the client reach their mobility goals and lead a pain free life. 

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Is your Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain bothering you? Come find the perfect care with our Top Rated Therapists that are trained to help you recover faster. We are operational across three locations in GTA.

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Alleviate Physiotherapy Etobicoke
Alleviate Physiotherapy Etobicoke