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Experienced and Highly Trained Therapists


Experienced and Highly Trained Therapists
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Why Alleviate?

Experienced Therapists

Our therapists are fully trained & boast of 30 years of experience

Easy Access Clinic

Our Etobicoke clinic is easy to access for everyone

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Our office accepts all major Insurance Companies

Fully Equipped Clinic

Our clinic is fully equipped with the best equipment

Personalised Treatment

Our treatment plans are tailored perfectly for you

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To ensure you are comfortable and feel at ease

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Welcome To Alleviate Physiotherapy

We at Alleviate Physiotherapy provide you with one on one attention throughout your whole journey of rehabilitation. During history, we make sure that we understand fully what your concerns are, and how your current condition is impacting your quality of your life.

Dedicated Therapists

our Team

Just like all of our patients, our trained physiotherapists at Alleviate Physiotherapy are all unique. 


Google Reviews

Kelara AbdelKelara Abdel
00:33 08 Oct 22
I came to Alleviate with lower back pain and a previous scoliosis diagnosis. Rutu was the physiotherapist assigned to me. Right off the bat, she was extremely helpful and informative. We tackled my problem areas together and discussed a plan. After the initial session I immediately felt relief. I highly recommend Alleviate for any muscle or bone problems you may have.
Gideon BoatengGideon Boateng
16:58 22 Sep 22
Entire staff at Alleviate is super friendly and professional. Their Patients’ treatment and health precede all other things. I remember on my first appointment I had an outstanding fee, the next appointment I wanted to pay before my session, the receptionist (Puneet) said to me “don’t worry for now just go for the treatment and we will figure the payment out later”. This is the kind of place you would want to find yourself for quality hospitality and peace of mind.Communication is 100%There’s a text to remind you of an appointment a day before, you also receive a call on the day of appointment if you’re running late or missed appointment to figure out next steps to better serve according to your availability.Gaurav Patel is an amazing practitioner, he’s very calm and patient. I like how he always engages me during the session. I feel very relaxed and comfortable. I’ve been visiting Alleviate for close to a month and there’s been a significant improvement to my foot injury.I’d recommend Alleviate to everyone out here reading this.To Alleviate Physiotherapy Team,Your services are astounding and this community is glad to have you.Thumbs up to all the Stuffs!!! You rock!
Donnette LubinDonnette Lubin
13:30 30 Aug 22
I was referred to Alleviate physiotherapy Clinic back in April 2022 after being rear ended by a truck. Bhavesh my assigned therapist did a excellent job in nursing my pain. The staff is amazing, friendly and polite. Very clean and comfortable environment. Dylan my massage therapist was amazing with my regular massages.Thank you Alleviate for amazing service.
Divya MDivya M
17:16 13 Aug 22
Opinions are my own. I came to this clinic with multiple issues that made it difficult for me to sit upright and work. I had cervicogenic headaches with diziness (most bothersome) and several tight muscles with pinched nerves in my arms. The first day I consulted with Bhavesh, he relieved the diziness. Following the next two and a half weeks, I experienced dramatic imporvements through his work and the at-home exercises. I went from not being able to put any weight on my right arm, to doing planks comfortably. It is important that the patient also does the at home exercises properly. If you listen to his recommendations you will see dramatic changes.I highly recommend this clinic. The staff are curteous, highly experienced, and genuinely want you to get long-term remission rather than stay on physiotherapy forever.
vicky oconnorvicky oconnor
11:48 07 Aug 22
I think Alleviate Physiotherapy is the best. The staff is very welcoming and friendly. My physiotherapist is very knowledgeable and gentle. This is a first experience for me and I would recommend them to everyone. My legs are becoming stronger with minimal pain. The exercises were gradually increased, the massage therapy is excellent, just a very pleasant, non stressful experience. If you need therapy give them a try.
Monique MartellMonique Martell
17:50 06 May 22
Vertigo gone! The Clinic Director and Physiotherapist of Alleviate, Bhavesh Dhaka, gave me only 3 treatments and I was totally cured. I suffered and couldn’t perform activities of daily living normally and now I can. I sincerely recommend this specialized treatment from Alleviate.This treatment is highly specialized and very hard to find. On another note the receptionist, Meetika is amazing. Customer service at it’s best!
Kimberly LangottKimberly Langott
08:12 13 Apr 22
When I started I was feeling great discomfort and pain in my right shoulder and right elbow. I couldn’t lift my arm above shoulder height and doing daily simple activities like getting dressed was a challenge.Alleviate Physiotherapy improved that after 3 weeks of therapy, and the healing continues. I think I am about 70% better now that I can do chores such as gardening, and simply getting dressed without feeling that discomfort.My physiotherapist is working with me to get a full recovery and I believe I will. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable too.

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Alleviate Physiotherapy Etobicoke
Alleviate Physiotherapy Etobicoke