Physiotherapy for Sports Injury

With our best physiotherapy support and trained staff for all your rehabilitation needs, Alleviate Physiotherapy – Etobicoke is always dedicated towards giving our patients a pain free life

A one stop destination for Sports Injuries, at Alleviate, we believe in treating each client for their specific sports injuries as required. Read to know more…

Sports and Physiotherapy

Most players in outdoor sports are prone to some form of injury. It can either be related to their playing style (long-term injury) or a sudden movement that can cause discomfort (sudden accidental injury). In both cases, our team of highly trained professional therapists are here to assist you.
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Common Sports Injuries

Is Sports Physiotherapy necessary

Of course!

Being a sportsperson comes with a dearth of experience and years of on-field practice. This means that all aspects of the body need to be in order so that one can perform as a good sportsperson!

Alleviate Physiotherapy is your one stop solution for all sports rehabilitation needs. We provide a complete care package that begins with consultation and moves onto growth and understanding of your problems – eventually alleviating your pain and restoring complete mobility.

All this so you can perform better as a sports person and improve your quality of life.

When is Sports Physiotherapy required?

Having an injury on field or even a simple sprain because you kicked the ball too hard! Sports Physiotherapy is not just to ensure you are healed back to your optimum performance level – it is often something that can be used as a tool to improve your performance.

Sports Physiotherapy has unique aspects that can improve after match healing through Massage Therapy or even muscular rehabilitation.

Sports Physiotherapy is not just for healing, it can be an effective tool to improve your sports performance.

Ever seen a soccer player get injured on the field? They are taken in straight by a physiotherapist. No matter what kind of injury it is, our trained Sports Physiotherapists will bring you a custom rehabilitation plan that will suit your needs and get you back to your sports as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What does a Sports Physiotherapist do?

Firstly, our trained physiotherapists identify the problem that has arisen as a result of trauma, sprain or injury while you were on the field. After a quick analysis, it’s time to alleviate your pain and initiate healing through many different techniques.

There are no predefined therapies. At Alleviate we believe in customizing the perfect rehabilitation module to heal your specific injury or trauma. The process usually begins by identifying the problem area and finding a custom therapy that will heal that problem.

It can be one of our many Specialty Services.

If Kevin Durant, the NBA superstar could develop a ruptured Achilles Tear (calf-muscle) in 2019 – so can any sports person.

Don’t wait till your on-field performance is affected.

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Your healthcare is our priority; we don’t just Alleviate PAIN, we also Alleviate your QUALITY OF LIFE by improved mobility and daily functioning.

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