Chiropractic Therapy


What is Chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic therapy is a treatment of spinal and neuromuscular disorders through manual adjustment of spine, mobilization and other related techniques. The treatment aims at alleviating pain in the joints, bones, muscles and connective tissue, such as cartilage, ligaments, and tendons by enabling the body to heal organically without medicines.

Tragic events like accidents, sudden jerks or bad posture can lead to spinal immobility. Dysfunction in the spine can impair the nervous system functioning. Manipulation of the spine can aid in restoring the mobility and enabling it to function efficiently once again.

What to expect during chiropractic session?

  • Once you brief about your pain to the chiropractor, he will ask for your medical history assess you physically and take lab tests or X-rays if required for a deeper understanding of your condition
  • The chiropractor will then begin the treatment of manual adjustments of the impaired joints with controlled hand motions.
  • The chiropractor may suggest some exercises, dietary changes and/or lifestyle changes such as changes in the posture

How long can the treatment take to produce results?

Time to heal depends on the severity of the case though ideally improvement is seen in 5 to 12 sessions. This treatment has specifically proven beneficial in neck/ lower back pains.

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What to expect at the Chiropractic center?

Once you brief about your pain to the chiropractor, he asks for your medical history, will assess you physically, take lab tests or X-rays if required to understand deeper.

What conditions can be treated via chiropractic therapy?

Chiropractic therapy can be useful in many conditions, including the following:

Back pain

Neck pain



Disc pains

Shoulder pains

Sports injuries


Accident injuries



Other treatments the chiropractor may offer include:

Heat and ice

Electrical stimulation


counseling around lifestyle changes

Cold laser therapy



To sum it all up, Chiropractic therapy provides a solution to your pain without the need to intake medications. Medicines are often a temporary solution to your pain and do not help with long-term pain relief. They may also come with major, unbearable side effects. Therefore, if a Chiropractor can alleviate your pain with lasting effects, it is advantageous over pain medications.

How does Chiropractic therapy work?

Chiropractic therapy helps to naturally regain the mobility of your body without medication. The treatment involves stretching and applying pressure to the joints to improve the motion in that area so that the nerves start responding naturally.

Chiropractic therapy work


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