The Healing Hand: Types of Massages

Massage is one of the most therapeutic, non-allopathy-based healing techniques that has been perfected through understanding about the body and modern medicine. At Alleviate Physiotherapy, we offer a wide range of massage therapies…Read on…

Probably one of the most ancient techniques of bodily healing and rehabilitation: massages are a great way to unwind, heal and rejuvenate. Whether its an injury or a long-term ailment, an accident or a simple sprain – Massage Therapy can cure a variety of problems.

Let’s look at some of the types of massages we offer at Alleviate Physiotherapy – Etobicoke.

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage is a technique used within Massage Therapy. Musculoskeletal issues are mainly treated with this type of massage, mostly strains and injuries. It consists of applying pressure for a long time using slow and deep strokes. This targets the inner layers of the muscles and connective tissues. It breaks up scar tissue and reduces tension within the muscle itself. Applying pressure deep into the muscle, allows for increased blood flow and decreased level of inflammation – all while providing a deep and nourished rejuvenated feeling.

One of the most popular types of massages in the entire North American continent – deep tissues are exhilarating for a large number of our clients because of the deep-seated relaxation that settles into their body post a massage.

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic massage is exactly what the name says. It is a type of massage that has a goal of a therapeutic benefit. It does not go as deep as deep tissue massage and is used mainly to manipulate the body’s soft tissue and muscles. This is all used to have the same goal of alleviating pain and stress from those muscles. This type of massage can be used for a variety of purposes that include sore spot healing and loosening of tight muscles.

Thai Massage

A Thai Massage is not your typical type of massage. It does not involve a patient lying on a massage table, it involves the patient lying on the floor while the massage therapist manipulates their body in unusual ways by stretching and pulling certain parts of the body. You lie fully clothed on a mat and they rock, stretch, and pull your body to relieve tension and pain and improve your flexibility. A Thai Massage is ideal for improving mobility, restoring circulation and increasing the overall flexibility of your body.

Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is one of the most common messages you can get. It is usually the first technique massage therapy students learn in school. It involves five basic techniques: Percussion, kneading, vibration, tapping, and rolling. Its main purpose, like most massage therapy techniques, is to relax you and relieve all the pain and tension in your muscles, tissues, and joints. The combination of vibration, tapping and rolling increases the blood circulation while relaxing the tension in the target muscle groups.

A Swedish Massage is quite common and with the different strokes and pressure techniques involved in this one – it remains a hot favourite amongst Torontonians!

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a way to maintain the body and make sure that it is healthy. It allows your body to be in the best condition possible, prevents injuries, loss of mobility, relieves pain and tension, and boosts athletic performance. It allows athletes to be more flexible and to make sure their muscles are strong and sturdy. This technique is especially beneficial for those who are into outdoor sporting activities. A quick Sports Massage before or after a long weekend of Skiing will have you back to the slopes in no time at all.

Myo-Fascial Therapy

This type of therapy is used to treat myofascial pain syndrome. This syndrome is a chronic pain disorder that is usually caused by sensitivity in the myofascial tissues in your body. These tissues are the tissues that surround and support your muscles in your body. They come from trigger points in your body which is where the pain usually occurs. It focuses on reducing pain by easing tension and tightness around these trigger points. The main difficulty is that it is hard to know what these trigger points are. This type of massage is all about alleviating chronic pain. The fascial pain and movement restrictions are the primary focus area. Our expert therapists are trained to identify key points and relieve patients as such a type of discomfort or pain can be quite chronic and severely disrupting towards daily activities.

Relaxation Massages

Relaxation massage is a type of massage therapy that helps you relax. It focuses on providing relaxation for the whole body and helps to relieve muscle tension and improves blood flow. It allows the patient to have a chance to relax from all the daily physical and mental stressors that they might face. It usually consists of long strokes that flow together. The pressure is deeply relaxing but not painful at all and it is designed to relax and soothe not just your body, but also your mind and soul. Usually, the massage therapist will set the mood by having relaxing music and warm towels that will alleviate your mood into a pain-free and stress-free zone!

Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger point therapy is a type of massage therapy that is meant to locate active trigger points on your body and relax them. A trigger point is what we usually call muscle knots. In basic terms, it is a tiny cramp within your muscle and if you do not think you have ever had one, just think about that annoying bump that you have had on your shoulder blade. While it is small and seems harmless, it causes so much discomfort and pain that can radiate to other parts of your body. The point of trigger point therapy is to release these knots and help relax your muscles. After they are released by massage therapy, you will feel better, and it will help a lot in improving your mobility. The massage therapist will use direct pressure on the trigger point to release it. It will feel extremely uncomfortable at first but once it is released it will feel great. You have to make sure that, as a patient, you communicate with your therapist on how it feels in order to ensure that you get the best treatment possible.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a natural function of the body’s lymphatic system. It allows the body to have immunity and protects against serious medical conditions. If it is not drained correctly or if it does not drain by itself, as it should be, you need this type of treatment. Drainage allows your body to be at its best and allows you to have immunity against chronic conditions. Patients that have undergone recent Surgeries, Cancer related surgery, Chemotherapy or Lymph Node removal procedures require Lymphatic Drainage to be a post operative/treatment care procedure.

“Why choose medication, when you can choose massages.”
– Alleviate Physiotherapy, Massage Therapy

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