Hand-in-hand: Hand Physiotherapy Explained

Alleviating pain in your upper limbs is a task we specialize in. Through our targeted treatment modules and goal setting – we provide a complete Hand Therapy treatment module to our patients… Read More…

Ever felt a sharp pain in your wrist trying that back-hand while playing squash? Ever hear your fingers’ joints crack when they are moved? All these can be underlying conditions that might worsen with time. Be it a sports injury, a workplace accident or a quick fix problem because you slept wrong – we at Alleviate Physiotherapy have just the thing for you.

Hand Therapy? What’s that?

The Hand and Wrist cumulatively make up more neurons, nerve connections and endings than any other part of the body. The dexterity achieved as a result of the hand is so complex that modern biomechanical science will take years to develop something as smooth and dexterous as the human-hand.

Hand therapy is therapy that helps people recover from hand and wrist injuries and/or conditions. Hand therapists are Physiotherapists and Occupational Therapists that have experience in providing individualized treatment plans to those who are affected by these injuries or conditions. The main goal is to aid the patient in returning to their regular daily life as soon and as safely as possible. There are a variety of different treatments that can be used:

  • Cupping
  • Custom Splints
  • Taping
  • Soft-tissue Manipulation
  • Scar care

The Need

There are many causes to upper extremity (hand, wrist, etc.) injuries and conditions. They vary and can either be extremely serious or very minor. However, in every case, such an injury can be devastating – one can lose their job, their role in sports and it can affect one in their personal and professional life, even bearing psychological impacts. Hand injuries need to be fixed. Here are some common type of injuries that are caused in the upper extremities:

  • Dislocations
  • Sprains: wrist, thumb, fingers
  • Long Term and Persistent Issues: Arthritis, Osteoporosis
  • Broken Bones: hand fracture, finger fracture
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Sports Injuries: baseball finger, jersey finger, tendonitis
  • Nerve Damage
  • Amputations

Patient Benefits

Physiotherapists at Alleviate, are experienced with treating hand injuries and producing plans to ensure healing. We provide you with a thorough assessment that is followed up with the care you need. Our focus is on solid support, goal setting and healing that will have you back to your daily grind in no time at all.

Hand Therapy can help you just like any other therapy can. It will allow you to finally use your upper extremities to the best of their ability, motion and range. Our expert guidance and treatment plans will provide you with manipulations, exercises, and clinical devices that are essential tools to get you better. Through IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation), Ultrasound and Hot/Cold Therapy and Paraffin Wax Therapy for hand we will ensure you are back to normal as early as possible.

Why Alleviate?

With a long range of experiences, our expert physiotherapists have a wide array of treatment procedures that have been used for years. We produce treatment plans that are individualized for our patients. We know that no two people will ever heal the same way and it is important to treat every patient in a unique way. Our physiotherapists will allow you to get rid of your pain and keep it away.

Are you finally ready to get rid of those random aches and pains in your upper limbs? Hand Physiotherapy is largely unknown, and people do not know it is a treatment method with miraculous benefits. If you are aware as a result of this article, look no further: because we at Alleviate Physiotherapy have just the right solutions for your treatment plans!

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