Concussion Rehabilitation

What is a Concussion?

A concussion is a mild traumatic brain injury caused when the head is hit directly or shaken abruptly.

Does concussion only affect the brain?

A concussion is a traumatic event and can lead to the injury of the head and neck tissue as well.

What can cause a concussion?

The brain is protected under your skull. When the skull experiences trauma, the brain may collide and rub against the skull surface, causing itself to bruise and leading to a concussion. Concussions can happen at any age, in one of the following ways:

  • Falls (where the head is hit directly and is one of the leading causes)
  • Road Traffic Accident (direct impact on the head)
  • Domestic Violence (where the head is hit directly)
  • During a blast or explosion
  • Contact and speed-based sports

What does concussion feel like? How is it different from a mild trauma to the head?

Following physical, cognitive (mental) and emotional signs can help you decide if you or a loved one had a concussion and may help you differentiate it from the symptoms of a mild trauma to the head.


Physical Signs

Headache, dizziness, blurred vision, increased sensitivity to light and sound, balance impairment


Cognitive (mental) Signs

Confusion, lack of concentration, foggy thinking, memory problems


Emotional Signs

Increased irritability, Anxiety, Depression, Aggressiveness, Mood swings

How can a concussion be prevented?

Prevention is always better than cure! To prevent a concussion, you need to avoid the mechanisms that cause injury:

Drive your vehicle attentively. Avoid talking, using cell phones or eating while driving.

Make sure airbags in your car are in proper order and functional

Avoid aggression in sports

Avoid techniques that butt the head during contact sports

How does physiotherapy help in overcoming the symptoms?

A Physiotherapy can evaluate your symptoms and provide personally catered rehabilitation therapy to achieve the highest possible recovery. The rehabilitation involves:

Reduced muscle strength and endurance is quite obvious after a concussion. Physiotherapist identifies the weaker, less functional muscles and strengthens them using various exercises depending on the extent of injury and clinical presentation.

Balance impairment is a debilitating symptom of concussion. Physiotherapy can train you to regain your balance by improving your sense of space and position.

In addition to a customized physiotherapy and exercise plan, physiotherapy can also provide education to the patient, family, friends and caregivers on the Dos and Don’ts for a sustainable recovery of the patient.

As the symptoms reduce, a physiotherapy will incorporate normal activities in your protocol. A PT will also help you understand how to avoid activities that put stress on your nervous system and prevent recurrence of symptoms. For an athlete, a structured rehabilitation will help him get back to his sport, by including a careful strengthening and conditioning regime.

How long do these symptoms last?

The symptoms may last from a few hours to a few months. If they last for more than 3 months, it is termed as Post-Concussion Syndrome (PCS).

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