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About Alleviate Physiotherapy

Assess. Alleviate. Achieve

At Alleviate Physiotherapy, we recognize that you have a unique injury. Your condition is unique and we are listening.

We at alleviate physiotherapy provide you with one on one attention throughout your whole journey of rehabilitation. During history, we make sure that we understand fully what your concerns are, and how your current condition is impacting your quality of your life.

Step 1

Once we have a full understanding of what optimal health looks like for you, we assess your condition. We take the holistic approach, where we look for the detailed history of your injury, assessing your body biomechanics to find the root cause of your pain and evaluating your mobility, flexibility and strength.

Step 2

In order to alleviate your pain and allow you to reach the optimal stage of your health, we need to make an evidence-based client centric treatment plan based on your unique assessment findings. With the right combination of manual therapy, education and therapeutic exercise.

Step 3

Finally, we want you to achieve your goals in the shortest possible time. Our clinician will make sure you achieve what you aim for; whether it’s restoring mobility or reducing pain and increasing your physical fitness/performance.


To provide high-end rehabilitation services and help clients achieve mobility goals.


Offering multidisciplinary rehabilitation services under one roof to our surrounding community and beyond with a focus on cost effective outcomes, pro-active treatment approach – all to help our clients achieve maximum functional independence.

Core Values

Respect, Commitment, and Diligence to ensure flawless customer service and satisfaction.

Don’t Wait – Just Alleviate